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The Wallowa River bar contains its own deep-green plant wisdom - Green tea-infused oil, high in flavonoids and antioxidants, which helps to gently cleanse the hair while removing environmental pollutants. Calendula-infused oil with its natural resins softens and gently smoothes the hair while yarrow-infused oil offers protection from sun damage. Dandelion leaf-infused oil, aligned with the liver and detoxification, helps support a healthy scalp. 


For this shampoo, our essential oil blend of spruce and blue tansy work in deep harmony with this beloved river’s inspiring teachings and with our infused oils. Conditioning spruce essential oil is useful in softening and smoothing coarse hair as well as promoting healthy hair growth; blue tansy, rich in antioxidants, is helpful in  strengthening and softening the hair while deeply nourishing hair follicles to support new growth.

Wallowa River Shampoo Bar

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