"But indeed I would rather have nothing but tea."

- Jane Austen, Mansfield Park-

Good Vibes Only!

Hey Everyone!


I'm Nicole, I'm an herbalist living and working in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge of Oregon.  I received my Chartered Herbalist Diploma from Dominion Herbal College in 2019, as well as, my Entrepreneurial Herbalist Certificate from The Herbal Academy in 2019. I continue to study, research and dive into the vast world of herbs! It truly is a never-ending world of beauty and wonder. 


Herbal Revival Apothecary is my little dream come true. My shop was born out of my love of herbs and herbal folklore/healing, as well as my love for natural, organic products that are good for us and our bodies, as well as the environment. I wanted to create a fun and funky space that  celebrates our inner whimsical side but also sells herbal preparations, all natural bath & beauty products, feel good products for healthful living, and sustainable home goods; and I think we've done a pretty good job around here of making that vision come to fruition, here.

It wasn't a one person job- luckily for me I've got an amazing family and wonderful friends standing by my side. 

From my friends and husband whom keep us from falling apart with them doing all the renovations and moving of furniture to our all girls crew of merchandisers!


Enter- J Hollow Essentials aka my Mom:  While my job around here is to supply our community with all the health items, herbal products and sustainable home products or as my Dad would say- The Hippie Stuff (Thanks Dad you're such a sweet man.) J Hollow Essentials is here to bring in the home decor items, the fun gifty things that can't be found anywhere else in the area. She's got an eye for decor and has spent so much time sourcing products that fit my list of must-haves: as locally sourced as possible, as organic as possible and as eco-friendly as possible. I couldn't do this without her.

Perhaps you're wondering where the whimsy comes from, uh.. that would be my Aunt Jody. She brings the fun and the funky to life here! She also does a lot of our displays and that's why it looks so fantastic all the time. Not to toot our own horns...but TOOT TOOT! 

Being here, in this wonderful space, with these fantastic people and being able to share my love of all the items we carry here has been, like I said, an absolute dream. 

We share our space with Flow Yoga The Dalles, where I also get to teach several classes a week. Yes! I get to talk about herbs and do yoga all day! I mean what else could a girl ask for? 


Flow has a wide variety of classes to fit every person's needs, as well as well-educated and fun teachers. We offer everything from  Gentle Yoga to Circuit Strength classes, with Barre and Zumba in between!  

Our schedule here :


Come check out our lovely space and find the products & classes that can enrich your life and well being! 

ALL the good vibes, 


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