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Enjoy every moment of your growing baby bump with the help of our naturally nourishing Pregnant Belly Body Oil with Shea.


There’s no question that hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to many skin issues, like dryness and irritation. Add that along with a rapidly growing belly that stretches skin out beyond your wildest imagination, and you might be looking for some relief.


Pamper your expanding belly and quench thirsty skin with this hydrating body oil that delivers a boost of benefits that help tackle itchiness, stretch marks, dehydration, and blemishes. The unique blend of carrier oils and butters penetrate the skin deeply, delivering instant hydration and a burst of naturally occurring fatty acids and vitamins.


Star ingredients like Almond, Argan, and Rosehip oils promote skin elasticity, helping to prevent stretch marks.

Pregnant Belly Body Oil with Shea

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