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Gardening Book / House Plants & Indoor.


In this fascinating book we learned how potted plants are as much subject to fashion as pieces of furniture.


For the Victorians, it was the aspidistra in the front parlor, the Edwardians loved a palm, and, for today's millennials, no home is complete without the ubiquitous fiddle-leaf fig.


This book show that there is little new when it comes to plants in the home. In the mid-18th century, Wedgwood created a market for special bulb pots and in the 1950s, some of Terence Conran's earliest designs were for houseplant containers.


Across the ages, the choice of potted plants has been influenced by the layout of houses, the levels of dirt and pollution and the equipment to hand. Now, with so much choice, we seem happy to treat houseplants as disposables.

Potted History

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