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Capture the charming scent of a refreshing herb garden in full bloom with lavender rosemary natural fragrance!


Like a breath of fresh spring air, this natural fragrance offers a sweet and herbaceous blend of soothing lavender, revitalizing rosemary and eucalyptus, crisp peppermint, and uplifting orange.


The perfect spring-cleaning companion, lavender rosemary can be diffused to enliven your home environment and tackle stale, musty odors that can accumulate over the cold winter months. Try adding it to your natural diy surface cleanser for an extra boost of plant-powered cleanliness, or to your unscented hand wash to enjoy its revitalizing aroma.


Lavender rosemary includes the natural fragrance fixative ingredient triethyl citrate (tec). This gentle, biodegradable ingredient helps ensure the aroma is long-lasting and enhances the softer notes within the blend.

Lavender Rosemary Natural Fragrance - 10 ml

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