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Fight the appearance of dull, damaged hair with hair therapy essential oil blend. Packed with only pure essential oils known for their ability to promote hair and scalp health, this blend will help you achieve the soft, shiny, luscious locks you’ve always wanted.


Together, these essential oils beautify hair by helping promote cleanliness, growth, and hydration. Fresh and herbaceous rosemary and clary sage oils lead the way, providing their vibrant and stimulating properties that promote blood circulation and hair growth while balancing the scalp’s sebum and calming irritation. 


To encourage radiance and luster, bergamot and atlas cedarwood oils help to strengthen hair follicles and clarify the scalp, while lavandin and copaiba oils soothe dryness that can lead to dandruff and inflammation.


Hair therapy’s uplifting, herbal aroma can also support a calm and positive outlook, thanks to the refreshing, mood-boosting oils included.

Hair Therapy - Repair + Grow

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