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Support your child’s hair and scalp health naturally with our hair therapy cleanse & soothe essential oil blend.


Made with kids in mind, this blend was formulated specifically to cleanse buildup and calm irritation on the scalp while softening and strengthening hair.


The gentle, kid-friendly essential oils go to work fast, tackling big hair concerns like dandruff, itchiness, redness, and breakage, helping your child achieve healthy, soft locks that you’ll both love!


Since happy hair starts from the top, this blend contains powerhouse oils that are known to increase circulation, balance natural oils, and moisturize the scalp. This encourages nutrients to penetrate more readily and creates an optimal environment for hair strands to grow from.


Hair follicles will be gently stimulated with each use, helping strands to grow strong and become less prone to breakage and thinning. Plus, hair will look and feel soft, shiny, and smooth.

Hair Therapy Cleanse & Soothe Essential Oil Blend

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