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A detangling product formulated to decrease meltdowns and make life a little bit less chaotic for children & parents.


Our hair detangler can be used on wet or dry hair and makes brushing easier and stress-free, while adding shine and softness to hair!


A 100% natural formula specifically for children so that you can rest assured you're not spritzing their head (that grows their brain!) with any chemicals! Gentle and naturally-derived conditioning agents soften the hair and ease the detangling process.


* Can be used at any age and on all hair types

* Leaves hair feeling silky smooth, without a greasy texture

* Provides moisture to the hair for all day hydration

* Lightly scented with Bergamot, Orange Peel & Ginger Root essential oils + coconut extract for a fresh, zesty, revitalizing scent

* Free from sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, nanoparticles, artificial fragrances and silicone


This product comes in a 12oz spray bottle.


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