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These bells are made by Janmamad Luhar in the Kutchch desert region of western India.


Janmamad Luhar employs an ancient technique of bell-making, passed on to him through generations. The bells are formed from sheets of recycled steel. They are beaten into shape by hand, then dipped in copper. Women make a dough that they pat around the bells; the bells are then buried under the hot desert sand in a kiln. The heat anneals the metals, welding them into bronze, giving each piece its unique patina. After firing, each bell is individually hand-tuned by Mr. Luhar. This is what truly makes each of these pieces unique!


Approximate heights of the bells:


Size 0 = 1.35" - $3.00

Size 2 = 2.25" - $6.00

Size 3 = 2.45"  - $8.00

Size 4 = 3"      -  $10.00

Desert Bells

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