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If you're looking to enliven your skin with the richest, thickest moisturizer we make, you can't go wrong with our Ginger Body Butter. This is the same product that we have always made, but we added the word cocoa to its name as there is so much luscious cocoa butter imparting its delicious chocolatey scent!


Generous amounts of virgin, organic cocoa butter, shea butter and sea buckthorn seed oil replenish and nourish the driest of  dry skin while our own ginger-infused organic  olive oil soothes and refreshes. The high amount of ginger oil and ginger essential oil used in this cream cause it to be quite warming and stimulating to the circulation.


Ginger can also be useful in soothing neuralgia and nerve pain, easing minor discomforts.

Cocoa Ginger Body Butter

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