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Drinking Wanderlust is unexpected exploration. Our take on a Russian Caravan tea — a rich and smoky blend of four black teas from China, India, and Kenya — it’s a tribute to bygone trade routes connecting East Asia to Europe, when teas transported by camels picked up smoky flavors from campfires along the route. 


The black teas combine with cardamom, which imparts a piney, almost menthol sensation, while lemongrass, bergamot oil, and rosehips enhance the tea’s roasted, dark, malty notes. 


In crafting this blend, Alexa was transported back to a spot on the Great Wall of China, where a lone tree stands on a breezy mountaintop. It feels like solitude and anticipation. You look back, to where you've been, and ahead, to where you're going...and you can see it all.


Love the smokiness of Wanderlust, and want to take it further? Try Wildfire. Want a smoky tea that’s also spicy? Try Crossroads.

This tea contains caffeine.


Black tea blend, Cardamom*, Rosehips*, Orange peel*, Lemongrass, Oil of bergamot*

Wanderlust - 2 oz canister

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