For deep pain relief, especially from chronic conditions like arthritis, we turned to our friends and allies, the trees, specifically poplar and sweet birch.


Poplar buds, with their rich, balsam odor, scent the air here in the spring; the unfurled buds, high in salicylic acid, provide the same deep pain relief for us as they did for centuries for Native Americans. Sweet birch essential oil can help ease stiffness and inflammation in the joints while quieting the mind, helping to soothe and restore an overworked body. Confederates in deep pain relief, we've added the brilliant nervine, St. John's Wort, muscle-pain-reducer Arnica montana, and Cannabis sativa, another work horse in reducing joint pain, to the mix.


Scented with a blend of warming essential oils, we hope you'll find deep relief with this sore joint salve-ation. 

Sore Joint Salvation