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Nothing quite says Happy Holidays like a bright bouquet of crisp mints, uplifting citruses, and sweet Vanilla!


Our cheerful Peppermintini Essential Oil Blend captures the spirit of the season with its enlivening aroma that energizes the senses, making it an instant pick-me-up whenever you need it.


With Western Peppermint and Spearmint leading the way, sunny Tangerine and Lemon adding a touch of lightness, and the creamy, sweet blend of Copaiba, Massoia Bark, and Vanilla, this minty treat brings to mind crushed candy canes decorating the rim of a chilled martini glass, for a fun yet familiar holiday scent.


Add Peppermintini to your diffuser to freshen your home or add it to a personal inhaler or diffuser necklace to take the invigorating aroma with you wherever you go! The fresh, cooling scent can also help soothe troubled tummies after a big meal or holiday traveling.

Peppermintini EO - 10 ml

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