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Natural Homemade Skin Care : 60 Cleansers, Toners, Moisturizers and More Made from Whole Food Ingredients


Buying natural skin care products can be an expensive logistical challenge. This book gives you the knowledge and recipes you need to make your own affordable, sustainable, healthy skin care products at home.


Turn your daily self-care routine into a pleasant-smelling pleasure. Use manuka honey and clay to create an effective cleanser; whip up a stovetop green juice hydrosol to refresh your tired and dry skin.


Make face masks out of yogurt or watermelon, create an exfoliating mango scrub, concoct a witch hazel toner, and bust out your blender and cute little bowls and tubs and bottles to craft your own serums, oils, soaps, lotions, rinses, mists, bath bombs, and more.

Natural Homemade Skin Care: Made from Whole Food Ingredients

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