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Verbascum thapsus is a member of the Figwort or Scrophulariaceae family and is native to Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Asia, and is now naturalized in North America and Australia.


Mullein has a long history of innovative uses and folklore, with the dried leaves rolled up as candle wicks being one. Additionally, the entire dried flower stalks were soaked in flammable substances and used as torches. Mullein’s magical properties were considered numerous, and it was thought to attract love and instill courage and health.


Mullein, with its distinctive yellow blossoms, has been utilized for its healthful benefits for at least 2,000 years. This herb has a special affinity for the respiratory system and is regarded for its expectorant and demulcent properties. Its energetic actions include cooling, drying, and moistening.


Our mullein extract is made in small batches using fresh organic leaves and certified organic alcohol. It is mildly astringent with an earthy, slightly bitter taste. This tincture can be taken in water or juice and can be added to herbal teas such spring care tea. Mullein extract also pairs well with elecampane extract or marshmallow extract, among others.


Organic alcohol, water, and fresh organic mullein leaf.

Mullein Extract

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