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Good morning, Sunshine! Power an adventurous start to the day, whether you're heading out for mountain biking, windsurfing, or kayaking with us in the Columbia River Gorge...

...or, also like us, your adventure involves wrangling children and heading into the office. 


Gorge Sunrise is a perfectly balanced black tea with a smooth, clean finish. It's excellent served black and strong and equally delicious with milk and honey.


Gorge Sunrise is GMT's English breakfast tea, which traditionally marries 3 full-bodied black teas — one each from Sri Lanka and India (which we source directly from local farmers and tea cooperatives) and one from Africa. (Ours, from Kenya, is Rainforest Alliance Certified).


Kick-start your AM session with our go-to breakfast blend!

This tea contains caffeine.


Ceylon black tea*, Assam black tea, Rainforest Alliance Certified  Kenyan black tea

Gorge Sunrise - 2 oz canister

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