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Crossroads won't just warm the cockles of your heart — it'll light them on fire! A dark, smoky black tea with a hot, spicy kick, it wins our Spiciest Tea award. (It's the cayenne.)


The inspiration for Crossroads came from Alexa’s cousin, who's an actual cowboy. He loves our smoky black teas, but he also loves hot and spicy cayenne. We’re not joking, this tea is hot & spicy— if you think it might be too spicy, try a sample first!


Full disclosure: Alexa only drinks this straight up when she’s coming down with a head cold. It’s too spicy on its own for her. But we LOVE it with milk and honey. The milk adds creaminess and slightly mellows the heat. The honey makes for a perfect sweet + spicy treat.

Crossroads - 2 oz canister

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