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Not as sweet and “dessert-y” as the name implies, Chocolate Trufflemint is a crowd-pleaser, perfect for drinking all day long. The cooling peppermint combined with sweet cinnamon on a rich cacao base is silky, soothing, and great for digestion.


Chocolate Trufflemint was an old favorite from GMT’s Hood River Tea Lounge days, but it was ready for reimagining. After playing with recipe updates for years but not getting it right, Alexa discovered the new Chocolate Trufflemint recipe as a happy surprise when working on another blend. Taste-testing one of her iterations, she and Turner looked at each other and said, “Dude, this tastes like Chocolate Trufflemint.”


Caffeine-free and gentle, this is quickly becoming a favorite after-dinner treat for our kiddos!


This tea is caffeine free.


Peppermint*, Cacao*, Cinnamon*

Chocolate Trufflemint - 2 oz canister

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