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Watch the day melt away as you fall into a deep, restful slumber with the Blissful Dreams Sleep Set.


Settle in for a night of relaxation with the delicate, softly sweet aroma that will help settle your nerves and calm racing thoughts, setting the scene for the perfect bedtime routine!


Start the evening off by diffusing the Blissful Dreams Essential Oil Blend to create a relaxing environment. Composed of the highest quality essential oils and isolates, you can rest easy knowing you are using a completely natural product to help you get the rest you deserve.


Then enjoy the silky soft Blissful Dreams Lotion with Aloe and Shea.


Made with soothing botanical ingredients and combining the naturally therapeutic properties of essential oils, this lotion will help nourish and hydrate your skin while relaxing your mind and body!


Top off this ultra calming nighttime routine with the Blissful Dreams Lavender Pillow Spray. Its gentle floral aroma is just right for falling asleep.

Blissful Dreams Sleep Set

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