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Balance the Superfood Shot makes getting your daily fruits and veggies easy!  Fill the gap with Balance the Superfood Shot. Half your fruits and veggies in one organic shot!


You getting sick—not fun. Kids getting sick—even less fun. Kids getting sick and then getting you sick—the least funnest, which is so un-fun, it isn’t even a real word. Balance the Superfood Shot Immunity Blend to the rescue. Our Immunity Blend is a healthy, two-ounce shot of antioxidants and vitamin C (1000% of your daily requirements of vitamin c) that will maintain a healthy immune system and keep everyone in the family feeling good.


Ingredients: organic elderberry, organic acerola cherry, organic orange, organic concord grape, organic carrot, organic beet, organic blueberry, organic pomegranate, organic spinach, organic broccoli.

Balance the Superfood Shot - Immunity Blend

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