Nourish delicate skin with the best ingredients from nature. A gentle, unscented organic baby oil formulated with moisturizing oils and soothing calendula to nurture and protect sensitive baby skin. 


Calendula is a gentle and soothing herb with anti-inflammatory properties. Due to its mild nature, calendula is a great herb for babies and individuals with sensitive skin. Calendula oil is especially helpful in soothing diaper rash and other forms of baby skin irritation.


Baby massage provides nurturing together time. Like cuddling, a baby massage conveys love and affection for the baby. It enhances the emotional bond, provides a calming experience, improves sleep patterns, and may help decrease crying. Massage also improves circulation, helps develop sensory awareness, and can help soothe infant tummies and support digestion. 


INGREDIENTS | Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Calendula

Baby Me! Bath, Body + Massage Oil