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Adaptogenic Herbal Kitchen :


More Than 65 Easy Recipes and Remedies That Protect and Heal: An Adaptogens Handbook.  These medicinal herbs, plants, and fungi have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions, adapting to our bodies' specific needs in order to decrease inflammation, restore inner harmony, and promote holistic health.


Used in foods and supplements, they can also support our energy, libido, gut health, and immunity, and help us stave off depression and anxiety.


This cookbook, suitable for beginners, includes 65 recipes with full-color photos making use of adaptogens in juices, smoothies, stews, teas, and more. From Aswagandha to reishi, ginseng to astralagus, licorice to maca and many more, learn about the properties of each item to fight off illness and embrace whole-self wellness. 

Adaptogenic Herbal Kitchen

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