• Nic C. Ryan

It's not Ire-land it's Our-Land

See your your favorite, and only, Herbal Revival herbalist enjoying all the beauty and freshness of Ireland!

After a long 22 hours of traveling across the US, across the Atlantic and then landing at 6am in the morning with no sleep for a day; you wouldn't expect any weary traveler to even notice the scenery as you leave the Shannon Airport and the city scape but there it was; the West Coast of Ireland sweeping us off our feet.

We spent our days driving from town to town, experiencing the small villages and winding our way along the coastline.

Stopping in each place, tasting the local faire, meeting local pub goers and enjoying nightly music.

My all time favorite experience of the trip was going to the local pub one evening in the little village in which we stayed. This part of Ireland is mostly comprised of small rural villages of a couple hundred people or less and surrounded by vast a gorgeous farm land. And it seemed as though locals mostly spoke Irish to one another here. When sitting down in a village pub one evening, our bar tender brought us our Carlsbergs and realized we were American. He said something in Irish to the other man in the pub who then turned around, looked at us, waved and then they both switched from speaking Irish to speaking English. Even though that wasn't necessary since we weren't a part of their conversation (yet, although that all would change a few pints later) it was such a nice gesture to make some Americans feel welcome in a tiny little pub far away from home.

At first it was only the 4 of us in the little brick bar, but as the night wore on people began to flood the tiny pub and we no longer sat at a table alone but now now had new, welcoming friends on either side of us.

An elder woman asked what two Americans were doing in their tiny town, and when we replied we were on our honeymoon she told us her husband and her were celebrating 60 years of marriage that evening and began to talk to me about the secret to a long and happy marriage- "Loads of patience and even more whiskey!".

You know, she may have something there.

Traveling from Fanore, to Doolin (or favorite daily stop) to Lisdoovarna and Galway. All along the west coast we found green lush hill sides, beautiful and ancient rock walls covered in Irish Moss, full vibrant trees and fresh, sea air. Everything about it was cathartic.

So, this month, in honor of St. Paddy's day and everything we loved about Ireland;

we're bringing you fun, fresh, ecofriendly, vibrant and green. Enjoy this month's treats! Slainte!

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