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Introducing: Herbal Revival Apothecary Company

Growing up in rural Oregon, almost always living out amongst the burgeoning and blossoming cherry orchards or the vast and rolling meadows; nature was always encircling me and undoubtedly enveloping a young, moldable mind. This has instilled in me an appreciation for the beauty and the awe of nature and the importance of its pure and unaltered existence.

My younger days were spent picking wildflowers, running through whatever fields lined our property (and then being examined for ticks), riding bikes along the dirt roads, swimming in the secret creeks, chasing frogs and of course, completing whatever chores my parents could come up with and believe me- they are a very creative couple. We worked a lot. We worked outside and with our hands and backs. My parents worked before they went to work and then came home and worked some more and for whatever reason, whether because I respect this mentality or because it’s part of my DNA: I love to work as well.

When life consists of working, especially with one’s hands, scrapes and bumps are bound to plague your body at some point or another. In our household we had a running joke that if there was an ailment of any kind, my mother would undoubtedly tell us to “Put some tea tree oil on it.”. This was before essential oils were popular so of course we’d laugh but always abide and most of the time it cleared whatever rash of scape afflicted us.

“Did you get poison oak from rummaging through the trees? Put some tea tree oil on it.”

“Did you get ringworm from one of the barn kitties? Put some tea tree oil on it.”

“Did you fracture your arm getting bucked off a horse? Did you break your nose falling off the roof? Did you get stepped on by a cow? Did you get kicked in the face by a horse?” You guessed it: put some tea tree oil on, we’d joke while sitting in the emergency room.

All of these ideas and experiences, intertwined, have given me an gratitude for nature, hard work and herbal healing. Which are the three main ingredients to my current recipe.

This is me today: Nicole

I’m still living in rural Oregon and still loving it. I’ve recently received my diploma from Dominion Herbal College in herbalism. I’m currently taking more programs in herbalism and plan on completing certifications in aromatherapy, ayurvedic medicine, iridology and whatever other herbal healing methods interest me, as time goes by. Once the surface of herbal studies has been scratched there’s really no rest to the endless information and knowledge to be had in this realm. Plants are magical and a mysterious and underused gift from our creator.

I’m always learning, listening and creating when it comes to herbs. Learning about herbs and their uses, listening to other herbalist share their knowledge and taking this know-how to create herbal salves, teas and other products to use in everyday life. As I hone my skills, I’ve discovered a passion for the endless possibilities of herbal creations and wish to share this with my community.

So here we are, the starting of a new endeavor for the both of us: my readers, followers, customers and friends and myself.

This is the spot to get the updates and the low down on all the twists and turns to come on this exciting new path of Herbal Revival Apothecary. I have some VERY exciting news coming up, I mean like HUGE and would love you all to be in the know. So subscribe below and I’ll send you my updates so we can journey together.

“By discovering nature, you discover yourself” – Maxime Lagace

Warmest Regards,

Nicole C. Ryan


Herbal Revival Apothecary Company

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